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The aim of this website is set out as follows:

 To examine for ourselves the true Word of Jesus as this is what is of the utmost importance and to bring to light the historical and the Divine Jesus. It will also try to examine the Word and compare It to the existing interpretations.
It is one’s hope and prayer that the seeker keeps an open mind as he or she tries to examine the Saviour’s Word for himself or herself.
It is also hoped that we try to put aside all that we had learned in the past about Jesus and try to reappraise His Word afresh for ourselves.
All Bible quotes are taken from the Revised Standard Version and the Authorized King James Version.

It is perhaps appropriate for us to examine the Words of Jesus from an objective standpoint and through that glean an idea of the real reason for His Coming. It is safe to assume that by examining His Words ourselves we will be able to arrive at a reasonable conclusion as to the true nature of His Mission.

Jesus went into the wilderness at a particular point in His Life to gain more clarification as to the nature of His Mission and also as to the nature of His origin. After gaining clarification, He went among the people to fulfil His Mission. It is, however, this Mission and its nature that most people have not understood. The true Mission of Jesus many have asserted was just to come to this earth, die and carry the sins of mankind on Himself without further ado.

In fact, this is the prevailing conception and no one has thought for centuries to challenge this notion. It has been accepted as the norm in spite of all the evidence to the contrary. It is better if we take nothing for granted but make the effort to examine Jesus’ Word to see if perhaps His sole intention was to die and carry humanity’s sins on His shoulders. This calls for a sentence by sentence examination of the Word of Jesus, something akin to a commentary.

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